L'arroseur arrosé : note sur l'article de Slate.

Neutralité du réseau, nuisance des partenariats exclusifs, des soucis virtuels et très éloignés de l’internaute moyen ?

Pas tout à fait, puisqu’en voulant poster un commentaire sur Slate, on a ce message :

Welcome to The Fray, Slate’s reader forum. We’ve recently made some changes to the site.

To post messages in the Fray, Partner Account on the Microsoft® Passport Network. (Why?)

You also need a Partner Account to use the Block feature (What’s that?)

Sign up for a Partner Account on the Passport Network here. (If you have a Hotmail or MSN account, you already have one.)

If you already have a Partner Account, sign in now.
After signing in, you’ll be asked to create a Fray nickname.

En bref, pour poster un commentaire sur Slate, il faut un compte Passport Microsoft !

Les raisons invoquées :

  • Why we’re doing this: We hope that requiring registration will improve the level of discussion in The Fray by making posters less likely to fire and forget (or post and run, or shoot and scoot). No one will be able to exactly duplicate your name, so outright posing should be a thing of the past. The first time you pick a nickname, we will suggest the one you’ve used most recently in The Fray. In fact, that name will be reserved for you, and no one else will be able to use it until you give it up. (Tell me more.). = Qualité des discussions, par le suivi des commentaires et l’identification des posteurs.
  • => Mais l’inscription sur un blog ou un forum sans Passport revient au même
  • Another benefit of registration is that you’ll be able to sign up for MSN Alerts, which notify you whenever someone responds to one of your posts. (The notification will only apply to direct responses to you, though; you won’t hear about responses to responses.) You can also be notified when Slate posts a new piece by a particular writer or in a particular department. For more information about MSN Alerts, read this « Slate Fare. » = MSN Alerts pour être prévenu des réponses à ses propres commentaires
  • Les fils RSS de commentaires reviennent au même principe, même s’il manque d’un outil pour centraliser les commentaires « en réponse à un auteur » sur les blogs. Un plugin WordPress à suggérer ?
  • Yet another benefit is that all your future posts should appear under a single « More By This User » even if you post from more than one computer. Now that your posts will be identified by your Passport and not an evanescent cookie, you will still be you when you post from work, from home, or from the nephews’ house. = identification du posteur quel que soit l’endroit d’ou il se connecte
  • Codable en 10 minutes sur WordPress… et sans l’aspect intrusif de l’oeil omiscient de MSN
  • Keep in mind that Microsoft and Slate have strict policies designed to help protect your privacy. You can read the Passport privacy policy here and the MSN policy here.
  • Pour répondre en anglais :

    « Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety »
    An Historical Review of the Constitution and Government of Pennsylvania. (1759).

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